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New PEPPER gun better quality at just R3300


This little baby will stop any attacker in his tracks!

  • No Licence required

  • No gun safe required

  • No fear of killing anyone

  • No fear of legal action

  • Can be used for crowd control

  • Can be used to protect against attack from human or animal

  • Safe yet powerful weapon of the future

  • Best of all it is inexpensive

What else is there to know about this gun?

  • It is manufactured from aircraft aluminium which is as tough as it gets.

  • 12 month guarantee, says we have confidence in this superb weapon!

  • We export this weapon to a growing number of foreign countries!

  • Security companies in South Africa and abroad are using this gun!

  • It is effective in the hands of a 7 year old little girl, (my daughter)

AND --- then there is the TiPX PEPPERGUN


Price for this gun with all the goodies below = R4100

This is the world standard in the new PEPPERGUN technology.


This is what you get for your money Sturdy case, two mags, PEPPERGUN, maintenance kit & manual


All fits rather nicely in case with room for extra ammo


Lockable case to tuck under your car seat or anywhere



And now for the new fire hot PEPPERBALL


Just launched, the super-hot FIREBall is the latest upgrade in self-defence balls.

Our customers asked us to produce the best PEPPERBALL money can buy.

Many balls are sold on price these days??

When confronted and your life depends on your ball doing what it is intended to do, if it fails, will you rejoice at how clever you were to get a "cheap" ball?

DO NOT buy cheap balls. WHY NOT? Well firstly cheap balls do not break easily enough on an attacker (oh yes too late to complain to the manufacturer when assailant keeps coming)

Next...the powder in the balls is very expensive, if it is GENUINE CAPSAICIN. R28,000 PER KILOGRAM!! So do not be fooled by the guys who put curry powder in their balls!

Accuracy depends on the roundness and smoothness of the ball. Compare our ball, it is PERFECTLY SMOOTH & ROUND.

It breaks Easily on soft skin - not like the cheap balls out there!!!

        Pepperballs        Pepeprballs
      When you see this pack of pepper balls, feel safe!


FIRE Balls are formidable pepperballs!

(insist on genuine FIREBalls)

These pepperballs are filled with a chilli concoction (genuine capsaicin) that flattens an assailant in seconds, really!

It is the most awful experience of your life to be exposed to this powerful irritant which attacks the moisture membranes of the eyes, nose and throat, causing temporary blindness and uncontrollable coughing and burning of the skin.

Anyone, even high on ancestral spiritual help, is going to forget the reason they are on your property and howl for assistance.

DO NOT approach the screamer. call for help.


The pepperballs to the left will soon be available in security shops throughout South Africa

Buy with confidence knowing this is the very best ball in the world!

We designed it that way for your and your family's safety!



And NOW - - - Introducing the all new...


Black Banger Balls

What in Hades name is this?

Are these exploding balls?

Banger Balls

The Black Banger Ball (BBB) is the most intimidating experience of our time!

This ball BANGS (AND HOW) when it impacts on a hard surface. (or not so hard)

It is so loud it almost wakes the dead, (seriously)

Why did we invent and produce such a ball? (Mostly for farmers to control "vermin")

To find out more about this ball, please contact me for a confidential chat, there is only so much I can tell you on this public platform!

Cost is R200 for a pack of ten Wholesale price (Qty of 100 or more to qualify) - R300 per pack of ten Retail price for quantities less than 100! (see prices below)

Get yours whilst they are still available!!!

Can be shot from a catapult and still bring down half the neighbourhood!

Retail Pack

Banger balls


But wait, there is more...


We have studied the "Enemy" and now offer effective non-confrontational weapons.


Ask us about our BANGER DISH (say Claymore Mine) non-lethal remote controlled BANG.


Ask us about our newest invention... the BANGER WIRE. A tripwire with a nasty surprise...

(Sorry no pictures or explanation (you never know who is taking notes)


The latest addition to our stable of inventions, the...


It Stings, It Sticks, It Stains, It STINKS (and how!)

Yes, this excruciatingly painful ball is filled with the most vile smelling concoction that sticks to you and stains you green and then embeds itself into your skin and clothing with a stink that induces uncontrolled vomiting!

Nice hey?

Remember, if you want to protect yourself and your family, be sure to talk to METZCO, the guys
who just keep coming up with brilliant solutions to threats from the "ENEMY"



The BIG daddy

Mostly for use by security and police for large crowd control.
(you can buy one if you want, it is legal)

Fires 150 shots (devastating)


Retail Pricing and ordering

(if you cannot afford it, sell your lawnmower, but don't be without this weapon!)

Like so many thousands of others, you see the desperate need to have a decent form of self defence and you want to buy your gun.

Prices have dropped in recent times

The price for hand gun in case ......................................................................................R3350.00
Big Daddy Rifle