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Please take the South African quiz at the bottom of this page.

This potentially life-saving book has finally arrived in South Africa

It is a must for every South African home...

We now have a dedicated site -

The book is a comprehensive and strategic self-defence information powerhouse for homes and the people living in them.
We all want to go to bed at night without the fear of being attacked, as is the case with hundreds of thousands of homeowners per year in our country.
What can we do to minimise this threat?

Buy the book! It has just been released!

It costs R150 including postage in South Africa.

You can pay via direct bank transfer to:
Metzco cc
Standard Bank a/c 052 925 870
Branch Glenwood 2526

State "Home Guard" in your payment advice.


send an email to
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Before you go ahead and buy this book have a look at our new site at


What can be expected from  this book?

Know this: we have done extensive research on your behalf!

It covers the following needs of all homeowners:

Perimeter Defence - An extremely well planned strategy to ensure you are not an easy target and even if attacked, have a tactical advantage.

Property Defence/Early Warning - Know that someone is on your property and how to effectively repel an attack!

Home Defence - This is infinitely divided into the following areas:

Windows - Learn how to secure your family behind this vulnerable access point!

Doors - Stop entry into your home by applying these great suggestions!

Roof - When they decide to enter your home via the roof, there is a surprise waiting!

Safe Room - Assume nothing and learn from the experts, build this one NOW!

Weapons - An array of extremely powerful weapons legal yet deadly.

Alarms Galore - This is an exciting chapter it has the most innovative alarms I've ever seen!

Personal Readiness - Knowledge is power, use it to protect your loved ones!

Daylight robbery - Used to have a light-hearted meaning, but now it has a sinister twist, find out how to avoid being a victim!

How not to be a target - Wow, this is revealing, I learned a lot from this chapter!

Community Connection - Let's get to know each other sooner than later for good reasons, read all about it!

Kill or be killed - In this chapter we get a little hairy, it is the final "backs-against-the-wall tactic to send your attacker to his ancestors (sorry but it has become necessary)

Scams used and solutions - There are many innovative tricks used by the modern criminal, take the wind out of their sails!

Guarding companies - There is more to this than meets the eye, be informed as to the pitfalls in this industry!

Police need details - Sherlock Holmes knew the importance of elementary things, we help you dear Watson to know them too! (critical inside info)

Insurance pays - We give you a view of insurance that will help save your life! We also have found a way to get a discount on your premiums to help pay for your security expenses.

Security Checklist - We are all rather forgetful, so to help you get it all done in order of priority, we provide a comprehensive checklist of what not to forget!

Top Secret - There are some things we have elected not to put into print so as to keep advantage in your camp. This information can only be accessed via personal contact!

Lawyers - When you get yourself into a pickle, you will need professional help, know whom to choose in order to be pertinently represented!

Vital references - Do you have your neighbours phone number? (I know you don't know his name but...) and many other very, very important contacts that we really need in a time of crisis, not just the police.

Product/Services list - So you live in Poffaddersfontein and after winding your handle on the phone you still do not know what number to call for the latest and greatest products to shoo away the bad wolf --- we give you it all :)

Home security assessment - Did you know that there are highly skilled people who will assess you and your home profile to give you maximum protection or just to point out where your "weak" areas are? We found them for you.

Cost perspective - We have estimated the cost to bring your home up to an "A" grade security fortress and we help you get the proper perspective to it!




“Implement the advice in this book and you will prevent yourself from becoming a crime statistic in South Africa”
Andre du Preez - CEO of Securelink (Pty) Ltd Durban

“I am confident that this book will become the “Bible” of security and thus educate the end user.”
Billy Byerley - CEO of Camsec

“Its high time for the public to be educated about the “real” crime issues we are faced with in South Africa. This book cuts out the “bull” and deals with the facts, which can literally save lives. A helpful and handy book to read.”
Tim Taylor - Managing Director Xpanda Security

“Home Guard is your weapon to fight back and make a stand against crime. Thanks Dave for taking the initiative to write this book to give us all a fighting chance.”
Bruce Reid - CEO of Advanced Security Worx

“Everyone living in SA suburbia needs to have this information. Its war out there…… really, I have been in the front line dealing with escalating crime for the last twenty five years. Yes we are an unusual country in that we somehow sidestepped the people’s revolution that history tells us we ought to have had. Have we really?”

Pierre Halle - CEO of Roboguard

“Are you a problems or solutions person? Well, daily, the media tells you about the crime problems. This excellent book focuses on the solutions; on never becoming a victim. If you pass up this opportunity to get simple and practical solutions, you really need to ask yourself why you’d still read, think, or talk about the crime situation.”
Michael Smorenburg - CEO of VoiceAlert Systems

“A comprehensive guide to securing the lives of your loved ones, a definite must have for every home.”
Verdan Menne - CIC the intelligent link between communities and crime-fighting forces


Unnerving quiz

To all South Africans

Please take this quick quiz:-

If you were attacked tonight, unexpectedly, are you ready?

What have you got at perimeter to notify you of an attack?

Do you have a means of identifying intruders in your yard?

What will you do if they reach you before you can phone the police?

Are your burglar guards strong enough to withstand a forceful bashing with a huge rock?

Is your reliance on a quick response from a guarding company justified?

Do you feel you can shoot an intruder who may not be armed? really?

Are you aware that the intruders may number as many as six to eight in the gang?

What is your plan to ward off six determined thugs?

What would you do if they climbed on your roof and broke through your ceiling?

Do you have a safe room in your home and is it equipped effectively?

Do you have a means to keep your family safe in the event of such a violent intrusion?

If you have good defence measures in place, have you got an effective offence strategy to repel assailants?

Have you wondered what it takes to live down the trauma of rape, sodomy and totally humiliating torture?

Do you hide from the bad news of the poor victims of such trauma, who may even be your neighbours?

What will it take to get you to a meeting to discuss your vulnerabilities?

Did you know of the service being provided by security assessors?

Have you bought a copy of the new and brilliant home defence book entitled "Home Guard"?

Are you unwilling to spend money on security prior to being a victim but lavishly fork out after an attack?

We are at war with criminals, are you still under the impression it is (mere) crime?

If you agree we at war and you are the target, how long will you remain an unarmed and untrained civilian?

Do not feel bad if you cannot answer these questions in a more positive manner, neither can most apathetic South Africans.

The time has arrived to awaken to the realities of the terrorist attacks on innocent homes, these are not mere burglaries!

Thank you and sleep safely, peacefully and soundly with your family in your well protected home!