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Dave Metzler started business on his own in 1977 in a small operation in Cape Town. Soon thereafter he moved to Bloemfontein with his business and grew dramatically. After selling some years later he settled in Richmond Natal. Started a new venture and realised the need to operate in Durban, so uprooted and moved to premises in Sydney Rd. One thing led to another and within a few years he owned five thriving companies.

During this time his passion for reducing crime lead to the writing of books  (or just click on the Home Guard link on the menu) and a school programme to teach children moral habits. This remains an ongoing project and without doubt the most important. which led to his being contracted to SATV3 Weekly Sunday show "Stand-Up" broadcast between 2PM and 2:45PM as resident expert on moral values.

With the writing of the Home Guard book he was introduced to some of South Africa's great crime fighters, both in the literal sense of the word and the guys who develop high tech barriers behind which our citizens can feel a little safer. The research of these methods, products and services has evolved into an extremely useful publication for the country's home owners!

Besides a businessman, speaker, inventor, writer, programme developer, web designer and TV personality, he also helped his late wife build a magazine, Mum's Mag, which was sold recently to Alice Leah of Mum's Mail. Subsequently he also helped her launch a new online shopping mall for women 

He has also embarked on his major work in recent times, the writing of Miracle Women a book to honour women.

Then he decided to go into the health supplement business and discovered the most amazing mineral supplement known to man

His treasure however, is home.